Pay It Forward Nomination

Date Requirements

1.1 Entry is open on the 1st of November 2020, closing on the 16th December at midnight AEST, in the same year.

1.2 The winning recipient will be chosen on the 17th December 2020, at 2pm.

1.3 The prize will be posted to the winning recipient on the 18th December 2020.


2.1 To be eligible, the persons must purchase the following product, I Am Fabulously Fierce Mindfulness Cards™ from pre approved retailers authorised by I Am Fabulously Fierce™.

2.2 Pre approved retailers include I Am Fabulously Fierce™ official website, Etsy and face to face market stalls.

2.3 A list of Face to Face market stalls with location, time and date will be provided on I Am Fabulously Fierce™ Instagram account prior to the stall taking place.

2.4 Eligible persons are entitled to one entry per transaction.

2.4 Eligible persons must enter their single use unique code either emailed to them after purchase or handed to them by I Am Fabulously Fierce™ founder Nerissa, when making the required purchase at a market stall. Failure to do so will void the nomination entry.

2.5 Eligibility is open worldwide.

Nomination Requirements

3.1 Nomination is open worldwide.

3.2 A valid postal address for the nominee is required for the nomination to be valid.

3.3 Nominators will remain anonymous to their nominee if desired. For the nominator to remain anonymous, they must indicate so in the message box of the nomination form.

Winning Recipient Requirements

4.1 The winning recipient will be chosen at random by an online generator used for instances such as this.

4.2 The winning recipient will be required to have a valid postal address.

4.3 I Am Fabulously Fierce™ take no responsibility for the Mindfulness Cards and rose quarts crystal if it is lost, stolen or damaged during transit.

4.4 I Am Fabulously Fierce™ take no responsibility for any costs incurred during transit and or with relation to receival of the Mindfulness Cards and rose quarts crystal once it has been shipped from original destination.

4.5 Items contained within the this prize should be used with caution, I Am Fabulously Fierce™ take no responsibility under which the products may be used, nor your particular circumstances. Accordingly, you should exercise caution when using said products for the first time or consult your physician. We accept no liability for any incorrect use of the product and all liability is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law including any implied terms. I Am Fabulously Fierce™ will not be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for any indirect or consequential losses) whether in contract, tort or otherwise which arise from your incorrect use of the products.

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