Hey Beauties! From getting together with your besties and holding a goddess pamper session to sitting down with your morning coffee and reading through your emails, these cards can be used in a variety of different ways that best suits your lifestyle.

Recently I’ve had a few messages on whether or not there’s a specific way to use the Mindfulness Cards so I thought I would whip up some handy tips and let all know that the way you chose to use them is entirely up to you, there’s no wrong or right way, but to help you out if you’re needing some guidance, below are the steps to how the cards are most commonly used, which is also how I use them.

What To do!

STEP #1 – Start your day with positivity! Wake up, put on some tunes, have a little boogie, then grab your mindfulness cards. Inhale, exhale, and give them a good shuffle. Release any negative thoughts, feelings, worries and or stresses.

STEP #2 – Receive your daily guidance. Close your eyes, fan out the cards or place them facing down on a flat surface and pick one from the deck. Absorb the words of that card. Re-read them, say them out loud, make sure you truly understand and believe the meaning behind them before you put the card down. Trust that the universe and your intuition chose that card for you for a reason. Then place it somewhere where you can see it as you get ready for the day.

STEP #3 – Carry it with you. Make sure you carry the card with you ALL day! Pop it in your handbag, use it as a bookmark, take a snapshot of it on your phone or display it where you can easily see it (laptop, mirror, vision board) wherever you are, do what works best for you. Keep it close and be sure to re read the card throughout the day. This step is crucial in aligning your thoughts and desires with what you want to attract and project.

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