Where can I purchase I Am Fabulously Fierce™ products from?

Mindfulness cards and Empowerment Boxes can be purchased via Etsy and at various markets throughout Melbourne, Australia.

How do I use the mindfulness cards?

Tips on how to use your mindfulness cards can be found here.

What markets do you frequent?

Our pop up market stalls vary, however information regarding time, date and location will be detailed on our Instagram page a week prior. As we are based in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, pop up stalls will be within this state.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. If your country allows international shipping from Australia then we will ship to your chosen country. Please note that payment is currently only available in $AUD, $NZD, £GBP, €EUR and $USD. For more information on shipping, please see our shipping page here.

Do I have to pay import liabilities and taxes?

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions, please note that I Am Fabulously Fierce does not cover import liabilities that may be applied by the government of the destination country. I Am Fabulously Fierce does not accept any responsibility for customs delays, duties or taxes that may apply in the destination country. Under no circumstance will I Am Fabulously Fierce accept any orders back due to rejection of customs charges.

What if I haven’t received my order?

When purchasing through our website, payment is made via PayPal. Please follow PayPal procedures to resolve any issues you may have regarding items you have / did not receive.

How often do you hold events?

Events are held every 2-3 months, however due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, events have been cancelled until further notice.

How can I get involved in the events?

If you’d like to host a session at one of our events, please send an email expressing your interest along with details of who you are and what you’re offering.

If you’d like to attend the event, details of how to do so will be provided on the events section of the website and on our Instagram prior to the event taking place.

How do you choose the charities you support?

Charities are chosen at random, across all fields, and at times may be one or several close to my heart. They are also chosen from those suggested by Fabulously Fierce community member. Suggestions are always welcomed can be done by sending an email or message via our Instagram page.

How will I know if my Pay It Forward nomination is the winning one?

When the winner is selected, to keep the surprise a surprise and to respect their privacy, we will not identify them in a public forum until they have received the gift and have given us permission to do so.

The individual that nominated them, will however, receive an email once the draw has taken place to notify them that their nominee was the winning individual.

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