Making Someones Day – It’s The Best Gift You Can Give

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday! I hope your weekend has been full of nice weather and positive vibes. Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know that I love to give back. And there’s no better feeling than when you make someone else day. It’s just so easy to get caughtContinue reading “Making Someones Day – It’s The Best Gift You Can Give”

Raising Awareness – 40 Hours Without Food

In large parts of the world, going to bed hungry is a normal occurrence. In others, food is taken for granted with people over indulging, discarding half eaten sandwiches, even using it as a threat against children in hopes they’ll “eat their greens”. But for those facing famine, the constant state of hunger is real.Continue reading “Raising Awareness – 40 Hours Without Food”