Tips & Tricks – How To Avoid Over Packing On Your Holiday

Four years ago, I was definitely that person who would try and fit their entire wardrobe  into their suitcase. I wanted every possible outfit combination, every beauty product and every gadget in my bag. But time after time, I would return from my trips having used only fifty percent of what I packed. So IContinue reading “Tips & Tricks – How To Avoid Over Packing On Your Holiday”

Discovering Hidden Gems In Cyprus

Morning all! So for this post, as you can already tell from the title, it’s all about Cyprus. From the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon to the natural rock formations of Avakas Gorge, Cyprus is one of the top Mediterranean Islands to visit each summer. It was never a place I had given muchContinue reading “Discovering Hidden Gems In Cyprus”

Checking In: Athens with St George Lycabettus Hotel

Morning all! So I’ve just spent the last twenty minutes rewriting my travel bucket list. I’m constantly ticking places off and adding new ones. I truly feel like this is the list that never ends. Earlier this year when I had written my 2018 bucket list, Greece was at the top. Santorini to be exact,Continue reading “Checking In: Athens with St George Lycabettus Hotel”

Travelling To Amsterdam For Tulip Season

Pancakes and fruit smoothies! It’s a Sunday indulgence kind of day for me as I sit here in my pyjamas with a mud mask on my face and eat and write, and then eat some more. What’s everyone up to this weekend? Having recently come back from a fun filled weekend in Amsterdam I’m superContinue reading “Travelling To Amsterdam For Tulip Season”

Raising Awareness – 40 Hours Without Food

In large parts of the world, going to bed hungry is a normal occurrence. In others, food is taken for granted with people over indulging, discarding half eaten sandwiches, even using it as a threat against children in hopes they’ll “eat their greens”. But for those facing famine, the constant state of hunger is real.Continue reading “Raising Awareness – 40 Hours Without Food”