London – Playing Tour Guide In My New Home

Hey Beauties, hope everyone is having a fab day and totally succeeding in life! Speaking of life, my current one here in London is going great. Yes, the weather is dull and freezing at times, but on the plus side, this vibrant city always has something amazing to offer. From parks where wild deer roamContinue reading “London – Playing Tour Guide In My New Home”

Island Hopping Around The World

Peace and tranquility. Two words that perfectly sum up my island getaways. Waking up every morning to the sunrise filtering through the curtains of my beachfront bungalow, snorkelling beside turtles in crystal clear waters, the warm sun on my back as I lay on white sand listening to my favourite tunes. I’ve been to threeContinue reading “Island Hopping Around The World”

Weekend Getaways Within The UK

Hey everyone! Another weekend equals another getaway. Who else has been getting their adventure on? For me, London has been the perfect base to explore Europe, and with so many amazing countries at my doorstep, I sometimes forget that there’s just as much to explore right here in the UK! Over the last few monthsContinue reading “Weekend Getaways Within The UK”

Japan – Beauty Personified

Hey Beauties! I hope everyone is doing well during these uncertain times. Since the spread of COVID-19 and lockdown laws have been implemented across the globe, I’ve been doing my part to stay indoors, which means two things. I’ve had endless time to write (which has been great!) and I’ve been catching up on allContinue reading “Japan – Beauty Personified”

Finding Peace In The Midst Of The Storm

Hey beauties, Wow, what a start to 2020. If the floods in Indonesia, the volcanic eruption in the Philippines and the bushfires in Australia weren’t bad enough, now the world is facing a pandemic! Now while I don’t know anyone personally who has contracted the virus and I’m doing my part to stay at home,Continue reading “Finding Peace In The Midst Of The Storm”

Fast Fashions Toxic Reality

Hey Beauties, I hope everyone is staying positive during these uncertain times. The recent virus threat spreading around the world has gotten a lot of people panicked. News stations are broadcasting the after effects of stores being cleared out as individuals bulk buy items for fear they’ll soon be left without. Everything from groceries andContinue reading “Fast Fashions Toxic Reality”

Giving Your Inner Goddess A Fresh Start

Happy New Year Beauties! It’s 2020, the start of a new decade and my gut feeling says, this year is going to be full of personal achievements, transformational inner selves and so much more!  For many of us, a new year goes hand in hand with a new year resolution. But do we really needContinue reading “Giving Your Inner Goddess A Fresh Start”

A Winter Adventure In Iceland

Happy weekend! I’m currently sitting at the airport, a cup of hot chocolate in hand as I try my best to keep warm. Reykjavik’s outside temperature is still coursing through my body and I’m more than ready to be back in a slightly warmer London. I shouldn’t complain though, I chose this destination for it’sContinue reading “A Winter Adventure In Iceland”