True Love – Does it Really Exist?

Hey Beauties, Anyone who knows me well, knows that if there’s one thing I believe in this world above all else… it’s soulmates. Now I know the belief that soulmates exist are the popular opinion of only a handful of people, but whether you believe in this cosmic wonder or not, I think what weContinue reading “True Love – Does it Really Exist?”

Self Reflection – Discovering a Greater Connection to Yourself

Hey Beauties, Firstly, how are we all? I hope everyone is smiling and staying strong through these lockdowns and restrictions to our daily lives. We’re certainly having to adjust and adapt in significant ways, which isn’t easy, so I just wanted to remind you all that you’re doing GREAT and we will get through this!Continue reading “Self Reflection – Discovering a Greater Connection to Yourself”

Intention Setting With Your Morning Routine

Hey Beauties, I can’t believe it’s only a week until Christmas! This year has gone super fast and if you’re anything like me, this month has been crazy busy! I’m a super organised individual and I can only imagine how much crazier my days would be if I hadn’t already made lists, booked appointments, boughtContinue reading “Intention Setting With Your Morning Routine”

Qualities Of A Strong Independent Woman

Hey Beauties, How often do we look at celebrities and think “wow, she’s so fierce. I want to be just like her.” Or even those closer to us, family members and friends who we think “damn, she has so much going for her. I wish I was more like that.” Well gorgeous, spoiler alert, youContinue reading “Qualities Of A Strong Independent Woman”

Forming A Healthy Mindset

Hey Beauties, One of my favourite sayings and something that I always have running through my mind is not “why is this happening to me?” but more along the lines of “what is this teaching me?” This single rephrase has changed my life so much that it has helped to shape the strong, independent womanContinue reading “Forming A Healthy Mindset”

Self Discipline – Staying Committed to Your Goals

Hey Beauties, Wow, what an intense seven months it has been. Firstly, give yourself a huge pat on the back for being so strong during these difficult times. It’s not easy to keep going, to keep fighting the good fight but it needs to be done and you should be extremely proud of yourself forContinue reading “Self Discipline – Staying Committed to Your Goals”