Intention Setting With Your Morning Routine

Hey Beauties,

I can’t believe it’s only a week until Christmas! This year has gone super fast and if you’re anything like me, this month has been crazy busy! I’m a super organised individual and I can only imagine how much crazier my days would be if I hadn’t already made lists, booked appointments, bought all of my presents! But it’s a fun crazy. There’s something just so magical about the holiday season.

The month of December excluded, our days are usually full of routines. A morning coffee, our commutes to work, daily exercise, even watching TV before bed. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with routine, too much routine can zap the creativity, adventure and inspiration right out of our lives.

Too much routine puts us into auto pilot and when our everyday actions become so routine that we barely notice we’re doing them, then it’s time to shake things up. I mean, if you barely taste your breakfast because you’re guzzling it down while packing your handbag, dressing your child or firing off a text, you’re not living in the moment. And while losing an hour here and there happens to everyone. You don’t want to wake up in a years time or even tens years time and realise you haven’t tasted breakfast. And who knows what else!

So how can we turn even the most mundane of routines, like your morning breakfast, into a magical ritual?

Have your breakfast but with an extra serving of intention.

There’s a fine line between a routine and a ritual. The line being, the presence or lack of, intention. Routines we follow regularly without much thought. Rituals however, even if performed daily, holds great personal meaning because it’s fuled by powerful intention.

Step One: Become Present

Become fully present in your anticipation of your breakfast. Notice where you are, how you feel in the moment. This doesn’t mean you have to stop what you’re doing and freeze in place. Just notice what the moment holds.

If you’re people watching whilst waiting for your breakfast order, really be present. Or if you’re, putting away dishes from the night before whilst you wait for your porridge to be done in the microwave, pay attention to your motions and the smell of honey filling the air.

Step Two: Feel the weight of the bowl in your hands

Before setting the bowl on the kitchen counter or dining room table, hold it for a few seconds. Feel the weight and the warmth (or coolness) against your palms.

Step Three: Close you eyes and take in the aroma

Isolating your senses by closing your eyes to enjoy even just the aroma of your breakfast not only builds anticipation which is exciting, but it also helps to slow you down.

I love my morning porridge in the winter, or my açai bowl in the summertime. So taking the time to relish in this little ritual helps to get me out of bed in the morning and to put my mind at ease when I’m feeling overwhelmed or even sometimes down.

Step Four: Set an intention for the day

Your intention can be anything from the energy you wish to embody for the day, or a feeling state you wish to inhibit. Sometimes I don’t have a certain intention so I like to pick a random mindfulness card and use that as my vibe for the day.

Don’t think of your intention as a goal or a task you want to check off your list. Think of your intention as a guiding principle of how you want to show up in the world today.

Here are some intentions I’ve set in the past to give you some ideas.

  • I intend to listen and be available for others today
  • I will practise extreme gratitude today
  • Today is about showing up for others. It’s not about me today.
  • I will not over analysis or second guess myself today
  • I will love every part of who I am on the inside and out

Step Five: Take your first bite

With your intention in mind, take your first bite of breakfast. And voila you’ve just transformed your day from ordinary to extraordinary. Now go smash those intentions!

Love and kindness, Nerissa x

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