Qualities Of A Strong Independent Woman

Hey Beauties,

How often do we look at celebrities and think “wow, she’s so fierce. I want to be just like her.” Or even those closer to us, family members and friends who we think “damn, she has so much going for her. I wish I was more like that.” Well gorgeous, spoiler alert, you are just like those women you look up to. You just haven’t taken a moment to realise it.

So right now, take that moment. Recognise in yourself the qualities listed below and so much more. You don’t have to have a specific job, hold a specific degree, be in a relationship, reflect a certain size or even have a large follow count to embody what it is to be a strong, badass, fierce independent woman in todays day and age.

So what are the qualities you have hidden inside that you may not even realise.

You are unapologetically honest about your thoughts and feelings

You aren’t the type of girl to lie just to protect the feelings of other people. You never withhold the truth just because some people might get offended, and whilst you aren’t the type of girl to be shady and cruel, you’ll keep things real so those around you can always count on you, can always trust you to be nothing but honest.

You stand up for others

No matter what, you always try your hardest to stand up for the little guy. You are strong and independent – but not a bully. You hate it when people prey and capitalise on the weaknesses of others. You are drawn to strength but hate it when strength is used to harm other people.

You invite positivity into your life

You don’t deal well with people who bring negativity and drama into your life. You have no time or energy for such behaviour and won’t be accommodating of keeping toxic people as such in your life.

You are passionate

Whether it comes to your work, your hobby or even cleaning your house, you use all of your energy, both physical and emotional to add value to your life and to the lives of others. You give your all every single time and that’s why you always manage to find success at anything you try your hand at. Because even when trying turns out not as expected, you don’t take it as failure, you take it as a lesson to better yourself.

You are an inspiration

Whether you do it actively or not, you are always serving as an inspiration to those around you. You have a light around you that others can’t help but to notice and be inspired by. You live your life by your own rules and standards and you never compromise your integrity.

Your optimistic

You may keep your head in the clouds, but you also keep your feet firmly on the ground. You’re a dreamer, but you balance it out well with a healthy dose of realism.

You take full responsibility for your actions

You never pass the blame or responsibility of your actions onto other people. You take full ownership of your life – both the good and not so good parts. You’re not afraid to own up to who you are or what you do.

You want to make the world a better place

The environment, the people around you, you are always thinking of thing bigger than yourself. You do your part to help where you can and you actively spread word informing others of how they can do the same.

You never keep people from their dreams

You are selfless. You want to see people succeed rather than fail and you give your full support and encouragement to try and make this happen. You always want what is best for those around you and whenever required you fill that role of cheerleader and personal support.

You acknowledge your own vulnerabilty

You know that being a strong woman also means that you’ll never be perfect. Because perfection doesn’t exist. You are never afraid of confronting your weaknesses, nor do you shy away from the parts of your life that need growth. You are always honest with yourself about your limitations, keeping your head high no matter what.

You refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve

You know your worth. That’s a fact. You aren’t someone who will ever be content living a life of mediocrity because you know your standards, what you truly deserve and you’ve set them in stone. You are always open to compromise but not when it takes away from who you are at the core.

You are you and nothing is better, stronger or more fabulous than that!

Love and kindness, Nerissa x

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