Solo In Iceland: A Winter Adventure

Hey Beauties, for this post I’m going to give you all a visual diary of my five day stay in Iceland – and no the pictures do not do this place justice. It is STUNNING! I did have a lengthy post written up with handy tips and tricks but unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, the post didn’t save. I’ll do a couple of dot points below that I feel is important information to know, otherwise if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

  • Yes it’s true, Iceland is expensive! I saved a lot of money by staying in accomodation that had kitchen facilities. I brought with me snacks, tea, pasta, seasoning and rice because I knew it would be cheaper in my home country than in Iceland. I then only purchased food if it was essential and when I wanted to treat myself.
  • Don’t have your heart set on seeing the northern lights. I had the tour booked every night I was there and every night it was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Go with the mindset that if you see it, it’s a bonus. That way you won’t be disappointed if you leave without haven’t had a chance to see them.
  • I highly recommend the Golden Circle Tour. one of the stops is at a natural hot spring and it was incredible. A few days later I went to the Blue Lagoon and in comparison to the natural hot spring, it felt like I was in a fabricated public pool with way too many tourists.
  • If you don’t hire a car, it’s quite easy to get around if you book yourself onto a bunch a tours. That’s what I did and the pickup system they have is super easy to navigate. Just make sure you arrive at your designated bus stop at least ten minutes prior because sometimes they’re early.
  • The water is safe to drink and the people are super friendly. I was told by my taxi driver that tipping is not required and some even take offence to it. I went during winter and yes it was cold, so I’d say have enough warm waterproof clothing in your suitcase.

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