Social Distancing Made Fun

Hey Beauties,

Being cooped up during quarantine doesn’t have to be boring. I mean, how many of us prior to COVID would have loved to have had a few weeks off to relax and reset? I’m guessing a lot. And although a few weeks has turned into a few months for some of us, and our bedrooms and backyards aren’t exactly the tropical island getaway we were hoping for, there’s still plenty we can do to keep ourselves in a positive state of mind.


Tired of the living room, bedroom and kitchen? Grab your family, your house mates, whoever it is you live with and take advantage of the warm nights with a stay at home bonfire. Toasted marshmallows, story time, need I say more.

House Projects and Life Admin:

What better time than to tackle the projects you’ve been neglecting or haven’t had time to complete. Feng Shui your room, de clutter your closet, clear your inbox, there’s no time like the present!

Virtual Happy Hour:

Just because you’re home bound doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy happy hour or a brunch date with friends. Set a theme, cook your meal, pour yourself a drink and hop online for those much needed catch ups.

Staying Active:

Cancel those gym memberships and create your very own at home workout routines. This can be anything from yoga and pilates to dance and strength training. With endless online classes and tutorials available at your disposal, you’ll stay healthy, happy and might even master a new skill.

Bring Out The Games:

What better way to have some fun than with a games night. Or day, if you fancy. Connect with friends and family online, or those living in the room next to you for a round of charades, trivia or an online escape room if you feel like having a mental challenge as well as some fun.

DIY Ninja Warrior:

Bored in the house, in the house bored? Creating your own obstacle course will keep the kids, and kids at heart entertained for a good few hours.


Start a veggie garden, fix up your flower beds for the coming season, use this time to get outside and get your hands dirty. Or if you’d prefer to stay away from the garden tools, set up a little sanctuary where you can meditate, read and soak up all that vitamin D.

DIY Beauty:

Nothing is better than clean, organic products. Making your own beauty products can be simple and extremely beneficial to your skin. The internet has thousand of natural remedies, so get those empty jars ready and get creating! Just be sure to test patch the products to ensure they’re compatible with your skin.

The Rest:

From reading, cooking, levelling up on your favourite video game and learning how to braid, there’s so much you can do to avoid boredom from creeping into your quarantine life. I say take advantage of this down time, embrace the positives, throw out the negatives and when all of this is over, re enter the world a better version of you.

Love and kindness, Nerissa x

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