London – Playing Tour Guide In My New Home

Hey Beauties, hope everyone is having a fab day and totally succeeding in life! Speaking of life, my current one here in London is going great. Yes, the weather is dull and freezing at times, but on the plus side, this vibrant city always has something amazing to offer.

From parks where wild deer roam free to eclectic markets, sunsets on the River Thames, theatre productions, pop up restaurants, secret cinemas and so much more, there’s never a point where I find myself bored with zero to do.

Since arriving in London, I’ve had four different sets of international visitors and quite quickly, I found myself playing tour guide in my new home. So what are my favs? Where do I like to eat and what sites do I like to visit?

The popular London icons are always at the top of my list. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Oxford Street, London Eye and Buckingham Palace. Once those are ticked off, I like to show my visitors what else London has to offer.

My favourite places to eat…

The first place I take anyone and everyone to is Ole & Steen. I originally discovered this bakery in Copenhagen and when I saw they had branched out to London, I was ecstatic. A cute cafe with delicious pastries, a trip for their famous cinnamon social is not to be missed!

For an easy, cheap and delicious lunch or dinner, the pizza at Franco Manca is to die for. If you’re looking for something on the healthier side then Pho (Vietnamese cuisine) is where you want to be! I would eat here every week if I could.

My favourite night out hotspot…

I haven’t had a chance to explore many of these yet, but to date I really like Be At One. The Greek Street location has a great dance floor and their cocktail menu is extensive and so delicious!!

My favourite events…

Attending the theatre is always fun, and being in London, you’re never short of productions to watch. I have seen more than I can count and tickets are always on sale so you can be sure to always find a bargain.

If the timing works in your favour, attending one of London’s Secret Cinema events is a MUST! I’ve attended two so far, Casino Royal and Romeo & Juliet and they have not disappointed. If you haven’t heard what Secret Cinema is, be sure to look it up and if you have questions, I’d be more than happy to assist.

Another great event if the timing coincides with your schedule, is the Taste Film experience. Based around a particular movie, you’ll be drawn into one incredible immersive meal experience.

My other favourites…

London is a city that never sleeps. If I’m not exploring a new cafe, shopping at Primark or exploring the streets of Notting Hill, I’m dancing. London’s dance scene is incredible, they have every class imaginable, in every location imaginable. I started out as a complete beginner and now I’m obsessed.

My favourite studio is Base Studios in Vauxhall, they have classes ranging from beginner to advance. I also love Seen On Screen, in particular Sophie Fererro’s classes.

No matter how long you spend in London, a few days, a few weeks or even a few months, you’re bound to have an incredible experience.

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