Island Hopping Around The World

Peace and tranquility. Two words that perfectly sum up my island getaways. Waking up every morning to the sunrise filtering through the curtains of my beachfront bungalow, snorkelling beside turtles in crystal clear waters, the warm sun on my back as I lay on white sand listening to my favourite tunes. I’ve been to three amazing islands outside of Australia, with many more still to check off my list – My ultimate goal is an over water bungalow in Bora Bora. That’s the dream!


When I looked out the aeroplane window and saw the palm lined beaches that I would soon be waking up to, I knew this place was going to be nothing short of amazing. Within seconds of stepping onto this dreamy island my body immediately relaxed. Complimentary mocktails on arrival, a free room upgrade, I was in heaven!

Snorkelling around the island I came across vibrant coral, starfish, turtles and even an octopus. This place was a tropical paradise (with the exception of the occasional sea snake!). Every morning I’d awake to an incredible sunrise and every night I’d walk along the peer to watch an even more incredible sunset. Five days here felt like a month, and it was exactly the serenity I was after.


A place I felt connected to even before I stepped foot on the island that many refer to as paradise. Why? Because it’s my heritage. My dad was born and raised on the island before coming to Australia in his teens. Growing up, he would tell me stories about what his life was like, my nana often cooking traditional Mauritian food. Naturally, I felt the culture was rooted in my soul and of course, when the opportunity arose, I just had to visit.

I’ll never forget the days spent sailing on a catamaran with Sega music playing in the background. Snorkelling in turquoise waters with thousands of tropical fish. Not to mention swimming with dolphins! The entire experience blew my breath away. That, and the tiny food hut I discovered along the beach in Grand Bay serving the most delicious paratha’s known to man.

Everywhere I went, the people were so full of life, even those living with barely even the basics had the biggest smiles on their faces. This trip was one I’ll never forget. It was eye opening, because despite what the tourist brochures display, a large part of Mauritius is extremely poor, but nonetheless it was incredible and I truly I felt like I had found a piece of myself here, of my heritage, and I can’t wait to go back.


This was my first, and so far, the only taste I’ve had of a Caribbean island.

A welcomed destination after flying all over Canada and the States, I spent my time soaking up the sun, swimming, jet skiing and drinking rum inspired cocktails by the ocean. I even saw a newly hatched baby turtle making its way into the world!

One of the things I loved most about Barbados was enjoying the exotic flavours of the local street food, which is where I believe the soul of Barbados lays. Everyday I tried something new and was never once disappointed. I even tried their famous rum cake. Delicious!

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