Finding Peace In The Midst Of The Storm

Hey beauties,

Wow, what a start to 2020. If the floods in Indonesia, the volcanic eruption in the Philippines and the bushfires in Australia weren’t bad enough, now the world is facing a pandemic!

Now while I don’t know anyone personally who has contracted the virus and I’m doing my part to stay at home, I do have friends overseas, including Italy (which is currently at the forefront of COVID-19) who are facing extremely tough times.

With everything going on, now more than ever it’s vital we look after our mental wellbeing. Perhaps your life has been disrupted by the increasing bad news, or its stirred up emotions like fear, anger and worry.

If it has, please remember this. It is more than okay and perfectly normal to be upset. To feel saddened by all the pain and suffering and to feel unsettled in the uncertainty that lies ahead.

But as you keep pushing through your day to day life, staying strong for yourself and those around you, make sure you take the time to acknowledge whatever it is that you’re feeling. Let your emotions out rather then allowing them to bubble up inside, because when you’re inner self is feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, it cause a negative chain reaction within your body, manifesting into lower immune systems, break outs, and so much more.

Right now we all need to stay as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally. Some great ways to I like to release any undesired emotions when they arise is through the following: a good yoga/stretch session, journalling, taking a bath, moon rituals, listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast, dancing around my room to my favourite music and of course meditation. I use these tools to let everything I’m feeling out, then I re centre myself and trust that what I’m doing is enough, that I am enough and everything will turn out alright.

When things aren’t okay, know that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of all things good and pure. There’s no mistaking that the spread of COVID is devastating, but we can actively choose to see the positives from this, even if they are few and far between.

Whilst the world is racing to get things under control and find a cure, and whilst we’re having to follow guidelines that give us less freedom than we’re used too, take a different perspective. Know that at least in the grand scheme of things, mother nature is using this time to heal so when the time comes and we’re once again living in a virus free world, the earth will be able to sustain our demands for that much longer.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that life can be truly short and unpredictable. We need to embrace and appreciate every single moment we’re blessed with. Fully, openly and honestly. At the end of the day, life is being fully present in every single moment, with every single loved one we have in our life. It’s about finding peace within yourself. And no matter what the world throws at you, trust and know that you’ve got this. Why? Because you are Fabulously Fierce.

Love and kindness, Nerissa x

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