Giving Your Inner Goddess A Fresh Start

Happy New Year Beauties!

It’s 2020, the start of a new decade and my gut feeling says, this year is going to be full of personal achievements, transformational inner selves and so much more! 

For many of us, a new year goes hand in hand with a new year resolution. But do we really need to do a mad dash before midnight NYE to set in stone our goals for the next twelve months? Absolutely not.

Life is ever evolving, WE are ever evolving, so when it comes to resolutions, don’t feel you can’t create and change them as the year goes on. Especially if your vision for 2020 is still a little hazy.

So for the first few weeks of this brand new year, toss the resolutions aside and focus on taking care of you. Read a book, enjoy the sun, eat strawberries whilst doing a face mask. Whatever it is that brings you joy, take the time to treat your mind, body and soul, so you can recharge those batteries for what’s going to be an amazing year ahead.

Once you’re all pampered up and mentally decluttered, spend a small amount of time writing down your dreams and aspirations. Create vision boards, write lists, whatever works best for you. Jot down whatever comes to mind no matter how big or small. For some of us, our goals may be as simple as relax more or spend more time with family, whilst others are focused on getting that promotion or booking that world tour. Whatever your heart desires, there’s no right or wrong. Us as individuals are all unique, living out our own unique destinies, in our own unique way. At the end of the day, if you stay true to yourself and just do you, nothing else really matters.

A great tip if you’re goal setting but feeling overwhelmed, baby steps is the key. Focus on one month at a time. Get a journal and write everything down, from appointments to those vital reminders (like sending your best friend a surprise bouquet of flowers) and tick them off as you go along. You’ll not only feel more in control, but you’ll smash through your schedule and short term goals, whilst creating a positive, proactive and manageable inner and outer environment.

So 2020, here we come! We’re bringing, fun, determination, self belief, confidence, sass and everything else that fabulously fierce individuals bring. Because YOU ARE fabulously fierce, never forget that.

Love and kindness, Nerissa x

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