Mini Getaway – Vienna To Prague

Morning all! Usually I’m not a morning person but today I’m awake and ready to go, so thought I’d be super productive and get this post out before work. Considering my trip to Vienna and Prague was over the Easter break, this post is somewhat delayed, but I wanted to share it with you nonetheless.

Day One… exploring Vienna

These days, it’s rare when my trips involve another person, but after a brief conversation with my cousin, there we were booking a four day trip together. Neither of us had ever been to Vienna or Prague and since they’re only a few hours apart by train, we thought why not.

After arriving at our Airbnb in the heart of Vienna’s city, we set off exploring. From Michaelerplatz and Schonbrunn Palace to cute little cafes and everything in between, Vienna was as beautiful, if not more, than I imagined.

After a full day of taking in the sites, we wanted to end our evening with a traditional Austrian meal, snitzle! Growing up with a German mother, snitzle was pretty much a staple in our household, but since moving to London I hadn’t had it once, so we went to Figlmuller a popular Austrian place for snitzle and potato salad and it did not disappoint.

Day Two… historical libraries, butterflies and colourful houses

This day, was by far my favourite of the trip. If you know me well, you know I love books, beautiful libraries and butteflies. Within the space of a few hours I was lucky enough to see all three. After grabbing a quick breakfast, we headed to the Austrian National Library and words can’t begin to describe the beauty that surrounded us. Arched ceilings, detailed artwork, every inch had me wide eyed and mesmerised. 

From the library, we headed to a nearby butterfly sanctuary and from there to Hundertwasser House. A popular spot with tourists, you’ll have to battle the crowds to get a glimpse of the colourful architecture, but being a short walk from the city centre, a must visit if you have the time.

Day Three… Prague and rooftop views

Making our way from Vienna to Prague, we were beyond excited to learn we’d been given a free room upgrade. I’ve never been upgraded before and this was the best of the best. They gave us the penthouse with our own private rooftop terrace, overlooking the entire city. It was breathtaking. 

Due to our unexpected, but welcomed upgrade, we decided to stay in for the evening. We made our own rooftop picnic and soaked up the sun for hours, as we caught up and took in the city views.

Day Four… easter markets and historical landmarks

Our flight back to our respective cities wasn’t until the evening, so we had an entire day to do a little shopping and see what Prague was all about.

First up, was the easter markets. After perusing the various stalls and grabbing some yummy treats, we headed to the Astronomical Clock for its hourly show. The crowds at the clock get ridiculously busy leading up to the show and if I’m completely honest, in my opinion, it’s not worth the wait. I’d advise watching it on YouTube instead and taking a picture of the clock as you pass by.

Next up on our schedule was Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the best trdelnik from the Good Food Coffee & Bakery. Soft sugary pastry with a delicious ice cream filling. I was in sugar heaven.

Not far from the Good Food Coffee & Bakery is Charles Bridge. One of the most popular attractions in Prague. It can take some time to cross the bridge, especially if it’s peak tourist season, but with musicians entertaining you along the way, it’s a pretty pleasant walk.

From the bridge, we explored the various streets, sat along the river and visited the John Lennon wall. The wall can change at any moment with new messages and images from artists around the world, so much so, that when we arrived, the wall was being painted over.

Vienna and Prague, two completely different cities, but equally beautiful in their own way. I’m so grateful to have been able to visit both and not solo for once! I do love my solo travels, but it’s always a bonus when I get to share the experience with someone else.

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