Unleashing My Inner Child At Disneyland Paris

Morning all! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day. I’ve been really MIA lately, wrapped up in my novel that I’ve barely left the house. But not today. Today I forced myself out of my pyjamas and as we speak, I’m sitting in a cozy little cafe, with a steaming cup of peppermint tea in front of me.

I know I should be relaxing as I take this much needed break, but here I am, writing away. Life of a writer I guess, when inspiration strikes, it strikes. So what’s the current inspiration? That would be a toddler, sitting a few tables away from me. She’s dressed in the cutest Mini Mouse outfit and as she struggles to scoop up her ice cream, I’m reminded of my trip to Disneyland Paris, earlier this year. With everything going on with my book, I can’t believe I forgot to do a post on it. So, before I forget a second time, here it is!

Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with Disney. I mean, weren’t we all? I watched all the films, knew all the songs and every costume party there I was, begging to go as Princess Jasmine. So it was no surprise that when I was old enough to make a bucket list, that single word full of magic and wonder was right at the top… Disneyland.

From the moment my friend Harriet and I entered the park, we were like kids in a candy store. Excitement coursing through us everywhere we turned. We ended up visiting during the parks off season, which was a tad colder than we would have liked, but the crowds were half the size compared to summertime, which we preferred. Smaller queues for the rides is always a bonus!

To maximise our time, we did our research prior. We obtained a copy of the park map and made a pretty solid game plan. We looked at all the rides we wanted to go on, the show performance times, we factored in breaks and also the nighttime fireworks display. I truly believe that if you want to get the most out of your day in a park this big, having a game plan is essential. Especially when you unexpectedly come across your favourite Disney characters and have to do an impromptu queue up for that must have photo!

Before arriving at the park, we thought we knew exactly what it had to offer, but as we stepped under the famous Disneyland arch, we were pleasantly surprised to find a few hidden gems.

Did you know that the parks hide hidden shapes of Mickeys head in its decor? Well I didn’t and it was so fun trying to spot them. Some are harder to find than others, but I did managed to spot one in the cogs of It’s A Small World. Can you find it?

After searching for hidden Mickey’s and ticking off all the rides on our list, it was time for us to shop. It’s no joke when I say I wanted to buy everything. EVERYTHING! I even wanted to buy the life size Stitch made entirely out of LEGO.

To say that I had an incredibly magical day is an understatement. I now know why they say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. It really is! I even had a young French girl mistake me for a princess. I mean, winning at life right there! We only spent a day in the park and although you can opt for a two day pass, if you’re restricted for time then a single day will be just fine.

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