My Birthday Weekend In Paris

Bounjour my lovlies. I’m currently on the Eurostar stuffing my face with all the pastries I bought today in Paris. I’m in food heaven! This weekend has been incredible and I can’t think of a better way to have spent my birthday. I’m so excited for what the year ahead has in store for me!

This trip marks my fifth to Paris and I’m already buzzing for a sixth. When I think of what draws me to this beautiful Parisian city, it’s nothing specific, it’s more the feeling I get as I walk down the cobblestone paths, smelling freshly baked goods and hearing the foreign language around me. I believe there are just some places you connect with and for me, Paris is one of them. 

Arrival… a chic and affordable Parisian hotel

Accommodation wise, my friend and I chose to stay in a budget friendly hotel, waking distance from Gare du Nord station. Knowing that we’d be out exploring all day, we didn’t feel the need to splash out on anything too luxurious.

Based on the low room rate, we didn’t have high expectations on what we’d end up with, but as we checked in and located our room, we were more than pleasantly surprised. Modern chic decor, spacious and street facing. It was absolutely perfect.

Day One… croissants, the Louvre and Notre Dam Cathedral 

Pulling out our most Parisian attire we hit the streets for a day of exploring. Within five minutes we discovered a quaint little bakery, tucked away in a quiet street serving the most delicious mouth watering croissants. Our day couldn’t have started out better. 

Croissants in hand, we ventured off in the direction of the Louvre, stopping to admire the architecture and various markets along the way. As we reached the Louvre, the weather took a turn for the worst, but there was no way we were going to let it damper our moods. In fact, it actually worked out in our favour, as the crowds around the famous pyramids were almost non existent compared to what I know they can be. 

From the Louvre, we headed over to Notre Danm Cathedral. We opted not to go up the cathedral as I’d done so on a previous trip, but if you’re considering it, I say go for it. The view from above is incredible.

Around the corner from the cathedral is a cafe called Au Vieux Paris. Locals often visit here to enjoy a glass of wine and a small bite to eat, whereas tourists stop by to catch a glimpse of the beautiful exterior.

Day Two… the Eiffel Tower and famous chestnut pastries

Food wise, we decided to skip the research on top places to eat, instead opting for whatever caught our eye. As we wandered the streets, we came across a cafe called Marlette so we popped in for breakfast and it was absolutely divine. Simple dishes packed full of flavour, it was defiantly a winner in my eyes.

After breakfast we grabbed a take away coffee and began our walk to the Eiffel Tower. This wasn’t my first trip to the iconic landmark, but I wanted to see the structure from a different angle. My sense of direction isn’t the best, so I let my friend take the lead and being the star she is, she found the exact spot I was looking for.

Twenty minutes later, photo shoot now complete, we were ready to get out of the rain and into somewhere warm. The walk took us over two hours, many because we got lost, but when arrived back in the centre, we knew exactly where we wanted to go. Angelina’s! Also known as, pastry heaven!

As we sat down and admired the historical interior, it wasn’t long before our table was full of French onion soup, pastries, wine, you name it, it was there. The waiter even brought me a macaroon with a candle in it when he found out it was my birthday. So sweet! 

Pastry wise everything is good, but if you want to try something a little different, then Angelina’s famous chestnut pastry is the way to go. For me, the taste took a little getting used too and although I wouldn’t order it again, I’m glad I tried it. Everything else, I could eat a million times over.

For this trip we took a really relaxed approach. We walked, explored and let the day take us wherever our hearts desired. Doing this in places I’m fortunate enough to re visit, really gives me a new perspective of the city, which I absolutely love.

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