The Art Of Dining Solo


Hey all, I hope your weekend has been a fabulous one! I just had the most incredible spinach and ricotta ravioli at this little Italian place, mmmmmm delizioso. During my meal, I was talking to a friend and we got onto the topic of dining alone. As a solo traveller and someone who is quite comfortable doing things independently, I was telling her how easy it actually is, and after giving her some tips, she was on board to try it out. So then I thought, why don’t I share those tips with you all, because it’s easier than it looks.

I’ll never forget the first time I dined alone. My heart was racing as I entered the restaurant, I felt like every pair of eyes were on me and I had a million thoughts racing through my mind. Internally, I was freaking out! But now that I’m a well seasoned solo diner and don’t think twice about it, looking back, I shouldn’t have been so worried. 

Start Small… 

When you’re first starting out, it’s best to keep it local. Head to your favourite coffee shop and enjoy a drink in a fairly casual setting. The time after that, head out for brunch and get those poached eggs on toast you love. Keep working your way up until you’re comfortable in a more formal and intimate dining setting.


A Book Is Your Best Friend…

Having a book, or even a magazine with you can make a world of difference. You’ll be so distracted by the story, that you’ll completely forget where you are, and that you’re at a table for one. 

But what about those times you forget to bring reading material? If all your life admin is up to date and your inbox is empty, then try and order food that will keep your hands busy, and keep you focused on a particular task. Entrees like spring rolls are great, and for mains anything that you need to make up like a wrap or curry and rice.

Squash That Self Conscious Feeling…

The first time you dine solo it’ll probably feel like everyone in the room is starring at you. Suddenly, you’re beginning to regret that feeling of boldness that brought you into the restaurant in the first place, and all you can think about is hightailing it outta there. But reality is, whilst you may get the odd glance here and there, most people will be too busy concentrating on their own meal and conversation to notice that you’re having a party for one.


Learn Menu Items In The Local Language… 

So this tip is for the times you travel abroad. If you choose your dining option on a whim and don’t have time to study the menu prior, the best way to avoid receiving a big fat steak instead of the vegetable risotto you were expecting, is to either have your google translator app on hand or use those keys words you learnt on the flight over.

Knowing words like, beef, chicken, lamb and pork in the local language go along way. Especially if you have allergies, you want to make sure you know what menu items to avoid.

Focus On The Positives…

YOU get to choose the cuisine. YOU get to choose the budget. YOU get to choose the time you eat and where you go. You can even decide to have a plate of waffles for dinner if you feel like it. The only person you need to accommodate is yourself, so I say embrace and enjoy!



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