Solo In Salzburg: The Best Things To Do On Your Own


Hey everyone, hope your week has been fab! Firstly, apologies for this post being so delayed. I’ve been focused on my novel recently and have been in complete tunnel vision. But here I am, back to share my amazing trip with you all. From exploring the old town and making apple strudel, to visiting the Sound of Music filming locations, Salzburg was one visual treat after another. So much that my camera was practically glued to my hand the entire time. I just couldn’t stop snapping away! So for this post, I’ve decided to do more of a photo diary so you can see just how beautiful it was.

Day One… St Giligan and Lake Wolfgang 

I booked myself on a lakes and mountains day tour, and it did not disappoint. After a short bus trip we took a boat ride around Salzburg before stopping at St Giligan. This place absolutely took my breath away and with it’s incredible views of lake Wolfgang, it was by far the highlight of my trip.






Day Two… Mirabell Gardens and baking apple strudel

Know as one of the main filming location for the Sound of Music, if you’re a fan like me, then this garden should be on your bucket list. But make sure to get there early if you want to avoid the crowds!







As most of you know, I love baking and taking classes during my travels. And being that Austrian’s are known for their apple strudel, well, I just had to give this tasty delight a go! The class was hosted in the cutest house I’ve ever seen and the instructor taught in both English and German. The recipe was incredibly easy to follow and afterwards, we all sat around the dining table enjoying a light lunch of goulash soup and of course, apple strudel.





Day Three… Sound of Music filming locations and sweet treats

It’s no trip to Salzburg, well for me anyway, without exploring all the filming locations for the Sound of Music. I booked myself on the official bus tour and looking back on it now, if I’m completely honest, I don’t think it’s worth the money. A lot of the filming locations we passed without having the opportunity to get off the bus, and the places we did stop at, you only got a few minutes. You can actually find a lot of the filming locations yourself, and most of them are easy enough to get to without a guide, so if you’re confident, I’d recommend this way.

Despite the quick pit stops at each location, I still had a great day and I finally got to visit the location of my favourite scene. the atrium!




After a busy morning of site seeing, I was in need of some food. Or sweets in my case. Now if there’s one place I’d recommend visiting to indulge in traditional Viennese sweets, it’s Cafe Tomaselli. This family run cafe has been going strong for over 150 years and the moment I stepped into this charming establishment, I could tell why. Waitresses wearing white pinafore dresses walking around with trays full of cakes ready for you to purchase, and the coffee (or in my case, tea and hot chocolate) are some of the best around. Not to mention the buzzing atmosphere, where you sit anywhere that’s available, even if that means joining a table with complete strangers.



My time in Salzburg was incredible despite the occasional rainfall, and it’s by far one of the pretties cities I’ve ever visited. I’m so glad I got to experience all that it has to offer, it’s definitely a place to put on your bucket list if it isn’t already.



20 thoughts on “Solo In Salzburg: The Best Things To Do On Your Own

  1. I would have never thought to take a cooking class in Salzburg, but I would love to learn to make apple strudels (and they’re vegetarian-friendly too!). What a great idea!


  2. I love the idea of doing an apple strudel baking class, especially if you visit solo! Cooking classes are such a great way to meet people, plus you learn a useful skill.


  3. Love all the images, there’s so much color in them, especially the gardens! Seems like a perfect city to visit solo, and food looks yummy!


  4. I LOVED the Sound of Music growing up. I 110% need to go take photos at all of the Sound of Music filming locations. I love that you included making apple strudel too. That looks fun and delicious!


  5. Salzburg is one of my favorite places in the world. Looks like you had quite the photo shoot there. I did the Sound of Music tour as well and loved every minute of it! I’m not sure which one you took, but we stopped at all of the filming locations.


  6. Sold! I’ve only ever experienced Western Europe in winter—I think it’s time to spread my wings and give autumn a go. I’d love to try my hand at making strudel too! What a cool experience.


  7. Salzburg looks like a fairytale! Great pictures, and I’m sure it was difficult to narrow it down. There’s nothing more that I like when I travel than learning how to make something local, and apple strudel seems about right. Nice post!


  8. Salzburg is such a beautiful city! I’ve been really wanting to go back, so I’m definitely saving this for later for when I do 🙂


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