Ibiza – A Guide For First-Time Partiers


Hey lovelies. Hope you’re all well and having a fab summer! I’m definitely taking every opportunity I can to relax in the sun and enjoy the summer festivities. Right now I’m sitting in a park with my laptop and a little picnic spread beside me. It’s great! And the most exciting thing happened a few weeks ago that I’m just bursting to share with you all. So without further ado, here it is… I was offered an opportunity to go on a press trip to indulge in the Ibiza spirit and then write an article about it! My first official magazine article and I couldn’t have been more excited. When the opportunity came through I literally jumped out of my chair, and was hair flipping all like, Oh hells yes!

I’ve never been a huge party girl but Ibiza’s reputation of over-the-top pool parties, glitter covered partygoers and an extravagant club culture called to my inner diva. And well, it’s reputation stayed true as I spent 48 hours on this unforgettable island.

Knowing what I did about the island, I should have realised that from the get go, I wasn’t going to have the regular travel experience I’ve become so accustomed too. Take the flight for example. Instead of peace and quiet, I was greeted with a group of twelve rowdy boys (who didn’t know the meaning of sit down and do not disturb fellow passengers) who thought it would be a good idea to have a pre party on the flight which included smoking an e-cigarette. I mean seriously… Needless to say, upon landing the plane was held on the tarmac until police arrived and escorted all twelve of them off and ushered them away in a private mini bus. I have a strong feeling they were sent straight back to London. Welcome to Ibiza I thought.

This trip exceeded my expectations and I met an incredible bunch of people as well. We ate, drank, danced the night away, visited the best places for celebrity spotting, and of course, had a relaxing day causing the island.

To read up on my adventures, visit SheerLuxe where my article is published!













20 thoughts on “Ibiza – A Guide For First-Time Partiers

  1. I love you detailed guide in Ibiza. Frankly, I never consider visiting Ibiza as I’m not into parties. However upon reading your article it made me think twice. The place looks awesome and there’s so much to do and things to explore. The food scene are quite amazing too.


  2. Oh wow! I’ve never experienced something like that before. But hey, at least your WHOLE Ibiza trip from start to finish was memorable 😂


  3. I’ve definitely heard things about rowdy flights to Ibiza. I bet being escorted off the plane by the police put a damper on those boys’ vacation. I’d love to see the natural beauty of the island, but I think I’d head to bed early rather than party.


    1. I think they thought they’d get away with it, but when the police arrived I’m sure they were worried. The island is so beautiful and it’s not just all about the party scene which is nice.


  4. Whenever I hear Ibiza, I always remember the Venga Boys song LOL. I am already in my early 30’s. Is Ibiza still for me? Haha


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