Solo In Munich: Food Markets, Pride & Real Life Fairytale Castles


Hey everyone, hope you’re all slaying the week like the amazing individuals you are! I’m currently sipping on the most delicious organic hot chocolate whilst writing this post. I’m having a stay at home day, just writing away and watching old episodes of Gilmore girls. It’s great!

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I’ve just come back from my weekend trip to Germany. And yes, it was amazing. With my German heritage, you’d think that I’d plan at least a weeks long trip, filled with visits to the beautiful countryside,  and stops in all the major cities. Well, I would have done, if I could have. But with time restrictions, as a result of my work commitments, I had to pick just one place to go. And so I choose Munich.

Arrival… exploring the old town and street food

Making my way into the city centre, I was captivated by the century old buildings, various museums and iconic landmarks, such as the Neo-Gothic Neues Rathaus. Also know as the town hall. This piece of history, showcases a world famous glockenspiel that chimes and reenacts stories from the 16th century. It’s definitely not one to be missed.

With limited time to explore Munich and its surrounding areas, rather than doing my usual leisurely stroll around town, I decided to join a walking tour. The tour lasted three hours, exploring the old town, as well as various markets and beer halls. The guide was extremely informative, pointing out key areas, giving us a history lesson on everything from music and clothing, to food and customs. He also made sure we all knew that Munich was the capital of Bavaria and the gateway to the beautiful Bavarian alps, because apparently a lot of people think otherwise.

After the tour, I headed back to one of the markets we passed, Viktualienmarkt, and grabbed myself some potato rosti, candied almonds and a punnet of fresh berries for dessert. The food although quite heavy, is extremely delicious. And a lot of it reminded me of what my mum used to cook when I was growing up.





Afternoon Exploring… live music, street performers and pride

Making my way back to the main square of Marienplatz, I was surprised to find rainbow coloured flags draped from every building in sight. Within minutes, the streets had transformed from relatively quiet, to a full on street party. I had arrived the weekend of pride without even realising it. The city was buzzing and I was loving every second of it! So I joined in with the locals and danced to the live music, watched the parade as it made its way through the streets and soaked up the sun as I explored the different stalls set up in celebration of pride.


Day Two… fairytale castles

A place that has been on my bucket list for longer than I can remember is the one and only Neuschwanstein Castle. The most famous, real life fairytale castle in the entire world. So of course, I just had to go.

Getting to Neuschwanstein Castle can be done on the cheap if you decide to do it yourself. But for me, with my poor sense of direction and limited time in Germany, I decided to book myself on a guided tour. My entire journey was stress free, and the moment I laid eyes on it, I couldn’t believe the beauty of what I was seeing. The castle I had been dreaming about ever since my parents got me a toy replica of it when I was eight years old, was finally right in front of me. And it literally took my breath away.

As part of the tour, I had the option of paying extra to go inside the castle, however I chose not to. This was purely a personal choice, based on my brother’s experience, who had visited a few years before and felt it wasn’t worth the price he paid. So whilst my group was inside, I took the opportunity to explore the surrounding area, and of course, check out Mary’s Bridge.



When it comes to Neuschwanstein Castle, is it better to visit one time of year than another? In my opinion, no. From clear blue skies and fields covered in bright flowers, to the earthy colours of autumn and snow covered peaks in winter. All you have to do is search google images to know it’s beautiful all year round.

On my way up to the castle, I met a couple of girls who had visited Neuschwanstein once before, but during the winter months. They told me that because of the dangerous ice conditions, sections of the pathway had been closed, including Mary’s Bridge (which is where you to want to be to get the most incredible view of the castle), hence why they were back visiting in the summertime.

Exploring The Town… more castles and the beautiful alps

The town itself was small, but with every building looking like giant gingerbread houses, it was picture perfect. Making my way down from the castle, I stopped on several occasions to admire the alps and the lakes that surrounded me, and was pleasantly surprised when I came across another castle. I got two for the price of one!



Departure… a great introduction to Germany

Even though I only had two days in Germany, I do believe it was enough to explore both Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle. I didn’t feel overly rushed and it was a great introduction to the Bavarian culture. I can’t wait to start planning more trips to this beautiful part of the world, and maybe eat a pretzel or two.


24 thoughts on “Solo In Munich: Food Markets, Pride & Real Life Fairytale Castles

  1. Having just finished a trip through the Loire Valley I’m obsessed with castles. This one looks even more amazing, just perched on the hill like that. Stunning. Must go!


  2. Lovely post! I am obsessed with castles, although I’ve only managed to see one in Germany so far: Burg Eltz. However, I definitely plan on seeing others and this one might be the next on my list after seeing your post. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Germany really does have the most stunning of castles. And the little trek up to get to Neuschwanstein kind of makes the castle even better :).


  4. Munich looks like a fairy tale town! I’ve always wanted to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle but haven’t had the opportunity. I love getting lost in cities like this – I know you said you were lost 30% of the time but I’m sure you found amazing things that made those trips extra special.


  5. Real life castles are amazing to visit. Mostly because your dreams of being a princess in a real castle will be fulfilled with lifelong memories to cherish later. Nerissa you are really lucky to be able to visit these beautiful castles. Loved your post BTW


  6. I love exploring castles and I’m going to be in Munich for Oktoberfest and as you mentioned, that’s probably not the best time to visit but that castle looks amazing!


  7. I too, remember the Neuschwanstein Castle from my childhood. I had a blast completing that 5000 piece puzzle 🙂 Seems you had an amazing weekend exploring the Munich and surroundings. I hope to soon get the chance to visit as well.


  8. Neuschwanstein Castle is like a dream, I really need to visit – it is certainly like something from a fairytale. A must-visit when I’m in Germany.


  9. Thanks for such an informative and beautiful post!! I’m another fellow Aussie who will be heading there in a few weeks and your tips are 👌 especially about the ice in winter!


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