A Winter Weekend In Copenhagen


Hey beautiful people, hope you’re all having a fab weekend! Did anyone know that for the last few years Copenhagen has been voted the happiest city in the world? I didn’t even know this was a thing! This alone, was enough to have Luca and I purchasing tickets to the Danish capital for a weekend getaway of fun and relaxation. We didn’t even care that it was the middle of winter. Off on another adventure we thought! And I must admit, after indulging on their incredible pastries every chance I got – I was extremely happy!

Arrival… checking in and breakfast at Lagkagehuset

Located a two minute walk from the main Copenhagen station, we arrived at Hotel Astoria. As we checked ourselves in, the concierge informed us that all guests are provided with a free glass of wine in the evenings and free coffee in the mornings. Now I’m not much of a wine or coffee drinker, but if that isn’t great hospitality, then I don’t know what is.

We didn’t actually realise until we were back from our trip that our hotel was located within the red light district. The only indication thinking back on it now, was the odd erotic shop we walked past. Copenhagen’s red light district is considered one of the safest in the world, and the hotel was a great location for getting around, so I’d be more than happy to stay there again.

After unpacking and layering up for the winter chill, it was off to breakfast for us. We didn’t even have to think twice about where we were going. The minute we passed Lagkagehuset, and the mouthwatering aromas whafting out into the street caught our attention, we knew we just had to go inside. The only way to describe how I felt walking into this cute but modern bakery, was like a kid in a candy store. Soooooo many delicious looking pastries! And free samples on the counter #winning! I tried their apple cake and cinnamon social slice. All I can say is heaven. To date, it’s still the best cinnamon scroll and apple cake I’ve ever had. Luca went savoury as he doesn’t have a strong sweet tooth like me, and was very happy with his toasted flatbread filled with ham, cheese and salad. I wish I could show you pictures of the food, but I ate it so quickly my mind was all on the sugary goodness and far far away from pulling out my camera. But you can check out their Instagram here to get an idea @lagkagehuset_official


Day One… exploring Nyhaven and Christiansburg Palace Tower

Oven an hour later and Luca had to practically drag me out of Lagkagehuset (I seriously could have eaten everything in there), we took a short walk down to Nyhaven. This was by far my favourite area of Copenhagen. Lined with colourful seventeenth century townhouses, cute cafes and incredible boutique shops, we had the best time just strolling along the river, crossing all the bridges, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate along the way, whilst passing locals, who unlike me, were seemingly unaffected by the cold.



After we’d taken about a years worth of photos (this place is seriously a photographers dream), we decided to head to Christiansburg Palace Tower which is free to enter and is said to have the best views of the city.

Forty minutes of queuing up (for an attraction that’s free I didn’t find that to bad), we made our way through security and into an elevator that had an old world charm to it. Reaching the top, I can say with certainty that the view was well worth the wait. Seeing the city from above, the architecture of the houses, snow blanketing the streets, it was truly amazing.


Dinner Time… comfort food at its best

Venturing away from the main streets and onto the quieter side ones, we came across a quaint little place called Zalt Aps. We weren’t expecting five star dining, but my god did we get it. The food here was so good, we returned the next day for breakfast. The restaurant caters for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, which can often be hard to find when you move away from the tourist areas. Being a non-vegetarian, I opted for the braised beef and veg. It was utterly delicious and the portion size was more than enough.



Day Two… Stroget and The Little Mermaid

If you’re into interior design then the shopping area of Stroget is where you want to be. I’ve never seen so many boutiques, focused entirely on items to make your home cute and cosy. I don’t even have a home of my own, and I wanted to buy everything in sight! I was definitely taking mental notes though as I window shopped from store to store.

And whether your purchasing or browsing, I highly recommend a visit to Hay House. Because even if you’re not in the market for a new chair or lampshade, a trip to the stores top floor will have you seeing an incredible view of the cities square. Insiders tip right there.


After our little shopping adventure, we grabbed few bits and pieces from a local bakery and filled our backpack with picnic items as we journeyed on in the direction of the little mermaid. This walk was the furthest point from our hotel, so before reaching the sculpture we found a cute little park that was practically empty (probably because it was winter) and enjoyed a nice relaxing picnic lunch for two.

Located at Langelinje Pier the statue of the little mermaid is the second most photographed site in Copenhagen after Nyhavn. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersons’s fairytale, it’s over 100 years old. Tourists flock to this area to get a glimpse of her, and we certainly experienced it first hand. So to beat the crowds, my tip is an early morning visit is probably best.


Evening Exploring… when Tivoli Gardens isn’t an option 

Reaching Tivoli Gardens, I was eager to have some fun and bask in the famous carnival rides and atmosphere. Only to see a sign fastened to the gate that read “closed for maintenance”. Disappointed, I was at a loss on what else to do. Well, that was until Luca discovered a bar that is hugely popular with the locals due to the many board games you can go and play whilst having a cocktail and some nibbles. I can’t remember the name of it (I wrote it down but lost the piece of paper!) but there’s a few places around that have a similar concept. It was so much fun and I learnt quickly that Luca definitely doesn’t like to lose haha. After an hour I’d forgotten all about Tivoli. That’ll just have to wait until next time.


Back To London… on a sugar high

Of course I made a quick pit stop to Lagkagehuset and stocked up on some much needed flight pastries. I mean who doesn’t need a tasty mid flight snack? A lot of people hesitate when it comes to visiting a European city for just a weekend, but if you do it right, there’s so much you can see and do…and eat! I would go back to Copenhagen for a weekend in a heartbeat. The people are friendly, the food is incredible and the city has such a pleasant vibe to it. Although maybe I’ll try for warmer weather next time.

24 thoughts on “A Winter Weekend In Copenhagen

  1. Copenhagen seems as if it were designed to be the perfect weekend visit – hoping to stop here shortly, even if it’s just for an extended layover. Drooling over your braised beef from Zalt Aps – one of my favorite meals.


  2. Great post. Copenhagen is actually pretty beautiful from what I saw so far online and would like to go there once. Is a weekend enough or should I do a longer trip? And how many days would you recommend?


    1. I thought a weekend was enough time to hit all the major spots within the city and it didn’t feel too rushed either. There are neighbourhood areas you can visit which I’ve heard are quite nice, but I haven’t actually done these myself. If you want to add this to your list then I’d recommend at least four days.


  3. Loved reading this and seeing your pics..I am so dying to go to Europe..I have never been..so crazy..im 54 ..I better hurry up..lots to see!



  4. Holy molies your pictures are stunning. Can I ask, what camera/presets you recommend? Whenever I see some that jump out at me like this I can’t help myself 😛
    Awesome post!! Copenhagen seems like a magical place for sure.


  5. wow your pictures make me want to go to Copenhagen right now!! I’ve been before when I was a lot younger and didn’t get to explore the way I would now. Adding it to our list of travels and pinning this guide for later!


  6. I didn’t know that Copenhagen was voted the happiest city in the world. Now, this really makes me want to visit. I love that mermaid statue and it’s impressive that it’s 100 years old!


    1. Omg no! I had no idea this library even existed and as a book lover and someone who loves beautiful libraries, I can’t believe I missed this! I’ll definitely have to go back and check it out.


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