The Goal

To inspire and empower fabulously fierce individuals to live happy wholesome lives. Through mindfulness practices, positive vibes and daily inspiration, I hope to create a community where self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance is never second guessed.

Impact So Far

Helping people discover their fabulousness whilst giving back is what I Am Fabulously Fierce™ aims to do best. Having donated funds to charities both nationally and internationally, I’m proud to say that our commitment to great causes continues to flourish.


A fabulously fierce get-together! Our Positive Picnic™ event not only celebrates a different charity each run, but it pays close attention to mindfulness and self-confidence while we reflect, enjoy each others company and participate in workshops such as yoga, mindful healing and dance.

Mindfulness Cards

Packed with 31 affirmations, Fabulously Fierce Mindfulness Cards™ are here to inspire, empower and pick you up on the days you’re feeling a little less than your fabulous self.

A strong believer in the power of positive affirmations and intention setting, I believe that the road to happiness lies within one self.

With the aid of these cards, you’ll be able to enhance your journey of self-discovery, self-confidence and self-belief.

“Find the light within you and let it shine” – Nerissa